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Fire safety is essential for all commercial properties, whether that be industrial warehouses, local authority buildings or retail offices. The Defender Fireshield is our bespoke fire resistant doorset solution for buildings and businesses across the globe.

It’s available as a single, double or door and a half doorset, with a range of ironmongery to meet your requirements. And of course, it’s delivered with all the hallmarkĀ Metador quality as standard.

The Defender Fireshield is built to withstand blazing temperaturesĀ up to 1100Ā°C for over four hours, providing safety reassurance when you need it most. But just how is this life saving door fireĀ resistant? We’ll take you through the accreditations and certificationsĀ that make the Defender Fireshield, the fire door for you.

The purpose

Fire rated doors provide high levels of safety by stopping the spread of fire when closed and allowing for an escape when opened. ItsĀ main purpose is toĀ restrain smoke and toĀ restrict fire advancing into other areas.

Fire rated doors usually come under two categories, FD30 and FD60, with the former allowing for 30 minutes of fire protection and the latter offering an hour. There are also further specifications and accreditations depending on the location of the door and the fire hazards associated with a building.

The test

There are a number of fireproof test centres and regulatorsĀ across the UK, all following a similar blueprint which guarantees fire protection and health and safety are number one.

The first test involves the door being installed in front of a furnace and exposed to fire. As the test progresses, the temperature naturally increases to 1100 degrees centigrade andĀ the temperature of all parts of the door areĀ monitored and tracked.

The second part is the hose stream test. In this final stage, the steel door is sprayed intensively with cold water, with those staying safe and secure, passing.

Reassurances and peace of mind

Our Defender Fireshield doors are certified by independent and internationally recognised Exova Warrington, to BSĀ EN 1634-1. Whereas most fire rated doors offer fire protection for 30 or 60 minutes as standard, the Defender Fireshield has been put to the test for more than 4 hours in 1100Ā°C heat. That’s the Metador standard.

As well as gaining the seal of approval from independent regulators, as with all our doors, the Defender Fireshield is put through stringent in-house quality procedures and safety checks. All our products are CE Marked, ensuring we have complied with the essential requirements of European health, safety and environmental legislations.

We have also been assessed toĀ ISO 9001 standard, proving our ability as a manufacturer to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of customers and stakeholders.

The Defender Fireshield features a unique Easyfit Jamb design, with a mineral wool core, bolted corners, 1.5mm leaf skin and a galvanised finish. The doorset is also available in a range of ironmongery including vision panels, latches and louvres.

Find out more on the Defender Fireshield product page or get in touch today.

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