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Rebecca Allen

Assistant Accountant

With over 10 years’ worth of administrative experience, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge to our finance department. Rebecca’s love for problem-solving and attention to detail along with her passion for customer service makes her a valued member of the Finance team.

Julian Ashmore

Business Development Executive

A highly regarded member of the Metador team, Julian has a vast wealth of experience in customer account management and provides the sales team with new business development expertise. His many years in solutions-based roles allows him to really connect with the customer and guide them through the decision-making journey to ensure they receive the best product for their needs.

Allie Birdsall


With over 15 years’ experience in estimating through various businesses, Allie provides a vast wealth of knowledge to our technical department. Her experience makes her a perfect person to deal with enquiries with a great eye for detail and exacting nature. Allie can assess our customers’ needs easily and quickly, ensuring quotations are returned in a timely manner.

Kevin Burks


With many years of experience in estimating, Kevin is a valuable member of the team. His meticulous approach to each request ensures the customer’s requests are always answered with the best possible solution. While his friendly, approachable personality is one of the many reasons he is a great member of the team.

David Brookes

Head of Operations

David has a wealth of experience within various manufacturing industries ensuring an eye for detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies of operational excellence. With a passion for engineering and extensive experience in both operations management and product development, David brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic leadership to Metador.

David’s commitment to excellence and innovation along with fostering effective collaboration and communication ensures he is a valuable asset in leading Operations at Metador.

Rob Dunbar

Business Development Executive

Working across the UK to build new business Rob uses his expertise to support and develop new accounts. A key part of the sales team, Rob is both dedicated and thorough and goes above and beyond to ensure all clients receive the best product for their requirements.

Jordan Durham

CAD Technician

With a detailed knowledge of our door manufacturing techniques and a keen eye for detail Jordan ensures that every aspect of the design process adheres to the precise planning needed to maintain the operational excellence of the business. A strong asset to the technical team, Jordan always puts the customer first, ensuring collaboration, effective communication and efficiency are at the heart of everything he does.

Luke Evershed

Sales Director

With a vast experience in sales and customer service, Luke manages the sales team across UK and Ireland. His attention to detail, outgoing and friendly personality make him the ideal person to ensure customers’ business needs are met and his love of a challenge guarantees he is always looking to make each project as easy as possible for his clients.

Rick Evershed

Commercial Director

A customer-centric, dynamic leader, Rick guides with integrity. With over eighteen years of experience, he has a myriad of knowledge of the security door industry and exudes passion for the Metador team, continually placing the customer’s needs first to guarantee every process converts to a seamless client experience.

Simon Evershed

Managing Director

Results driven and personable, Simon is the founder and the continual driving force behind Metador. As a business leader for over 30 years, he draws on strong management skills and extensive knowledge of the industry to ensure products are tailored to client’s needs and Metador remains ever evolving. In addition, he is passionate about his employees, remaining true to the company ethos and ensuring set values are encompassed in every aspect of the business.

Matthew Hall

CAD Technician

After completing 7 years in the Royal Navy, Matthew joined Metador as a door fabricator and technician. After several months of experience and outstanding performance, he moved into the drawings team and is a strong member for programming our CNC machinery for the fabrication of our doors.

Adam Healey

Despatch Manager

Having worked within the construction and manufacturing industry for over 10 years, Adam understands all the complexities around logistics and transport. He arranges transport for component and door consignments, liaising with customers, transport networks and the production facility. His resourceful and hardworking character ensures he provides the best possible solution to every delivery.

Sarah Hudson

Production Planner

With 19 years worth of experience in various departments and industries, Sarah understands the importance of collaboration and effective communication. Her enthusiasm and passion for the role along with her wealth of knowledge in customer service, sales, logistics and operations ensure customers will have a seamless experience.

We are thrilled to have Sarah on our Planning team, her wealth of experience, meticulous planning knowledge and commitment to operational excellence make her an asset to the business.

Chris James

Finance Director

Chris oversees all aspects of financial control in the business. He holds an abundance of knowledge of budget handling, accounts, credit control and forecasting. Tenacious, efficient, with a wealth of experience, Chris remains at the core of all financial activities at Metador.

Lauretta Johnston

Finance Assistant

Lauretta joined Metador in 2021 and works within the finance team. Her tenacity and perseverance ensures the job always gets done while her energetic and motivational character is a great asset to Metador. She has great organisational and communication skills which enables her to excel in her role.

Grace Jones

Marketing Executive

With over ten years experience in graphic design and marketing, Grace brings her creative flair and knowledge to Metador. Her friendly personality, creative skills and passion for all things marketing and design ensure Grace is a valuable asset to the marketing team.

Michael Lord

Customer Service On-Site Support

Michael has many years of experience within the door installer industry and this allows Michael to be on hand to assist with customers in onsite technical queries. His technical knowledge is a huge asset when it comes to understanding customer requirements and Michael can technically assess any issues with installed doorsets ensuring our customers are given the utmost in customer service.

Tristan Mallinson

Operations Director

Focused on quality and talented for dealing with complexity, Tristan leads the Operations aspect of the business. His extensive experience and knowledge of the industry enables him to create new concepts and invaluable designs and deliver operational excellence making Metador one of the fastest growing manufacturers of steel doorsets in the UK. His exceptional eye for detail ensures we deliver our promises to each and every customer and Tristan is continuously working with Sales to create products that are right first time, on time.

Ben McCormack


With a background in sales and the home improvement industry, Ben is dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction within our estimating team ensuring quotes are dealt with efficiently and effectively whilst making sure all customer requirements are met. With his passion for precision and commitment to exceptional customer service, Ben will be an invaluable asset to Metador.

Mac McGuinness

Customer Service Manager

Mac, an experienced Metador door assembly technician made an excellent candidate to join our customer service team in 2021. With his strong in-depth knowledge of our products and problem-solving capabilities, Mac is an excellent customer service manager. Mac is always on hand to deal with technical issues that customers may face and his organisational skills enable him to deal with each one effectively.

Ken McLean


Ken joined the Metador team in 2019, taking over the purchasing role in the operations department. As a highly focused individual with excellent attention to detail, Ken takes great pride in managing the stock, despatching products and maintaining excellent supplier relationships.

Fred Moffitt

Sales Manager

Passionate and energetic, Fred is a key part of the Metador team in offering invaluable advice to his clients. Fred has an exceptional ability at building customer relationships and guiding them through the complexities of the products on offer. Whether a new customer or a long lasting client, Fred will answer all enquiries and is passionate about ensuring the Metador brand remains respected in the industry as a manufacturer you can trust.

Adam Muswell

Internal Sales Executive

Enthusiastic and dedicated, Adam puts his years of sales and account management to the test each day. Adam takes a personal responsibility for each of his customers, making sure they enjoy the full Metador experience every time.

Rob Nelson

Senior Design Manager

Responsible for CNC drawings and punch plans at Metador, Rob is a dynamic and resourceful CAD Designer. Disciplined and committed to meeting targets and deadlines, Rob is continually experimenting with innovative new designs to ensure Metador meets and exceeds client’s requirements.

Scott Norman

CAD Technician

Scott’s experience and expertise in CAD is an invaluable asset to the technical team. Scott’s attention to detail ensures he uses the information from our customers to create drawings, ensuring their requirements are met.

Adele Oakley

Finance Assistant

Adele is responsible for managing sales and supplier invoices for Metador, as well as administrative tasks. A Business Management graduate with a strong background in finance and admin, Adele’s organised and methodical approach is an asset to Metador.

Jason Orr

Technical Consultant

Jason initially started at Metador as a Steel Door Technician in October 2017 and his hands-on, technical knowledge of our products has led to him moving into his current role in Customer Service and order processing. With his years of experience as a Warehouse Operative and in Security, Jason offers a methodical and efficient approach to his work.

Gordon Patton

Production Manager

Gordon is a vital asset to our production facility thanks to his many years and previous experience in manufacturing operations. Gordon is able to use his project management skills to ensure each order is dealt with seamlessly throughout the production facility so our customers receive their order on time and in full, every time.

Chester Potter

Business Development Executive

With over 8 years of experience in building long-term customer relationships Chester is enthusiastic, hardworking, and provides a client experience that reflects all that is Metador. Based in our southern sales office and with over 5 years in the fire safety and door industry, Chester has a passion for helping each customer with the correct specification and requirements on every project.

Brian Powell


With a number of years of experience, Brian is able to quickly understand customer requirements and deal with quotes efficiently and effectively. His enthusiasm and passion for delivering the best customer service mean he is a valued member of the team.

Paul Reeve

Business Development Executive

With many years of experience in customer account management, Paul provides an exceptional and professional service to his client base. His ability to successfully find solutions to the challenges his customers face plus his reliable and enthusiastic approach allows him to build long term relationships with his customers, providing them with a more personal approach to account management.

Lindsey Rookes

Operational Planning Manager

Dedicated, customer focused and pragmatic, Lindsey manages the busy production and delivery schedules at Metador. Drawing upon deep manufacturing knowledge from her wealth of experience in the logistics, travel and motor hire industries, Lindsey prides herself on creating a smooth process between customers, suppliers, couriers, and internal departments.

Janine Smith


With a background in project and account management, Janine’s wealth of experience in customer relations has quickly made her an asset to the Estimating team since joining Metador in July 2020. She strives to ensure quotes are dealt with efficiently and products are estimated at the best possible price.

Jay Thomas

Senior Design Engineer

With a number of years of experience, Jay is a valuable addition to our technical team. His knowledge of engineering principles, creative mindset and attention to detail ensures he will be able to understand and deliver technical customer requirements for projects.

With his expertise, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results Jay is a vital member of the Metador technical team.

Luke Trueman

CAD Technician

Luke has a meticulous attention to detail and is responsible for all customer drawings here at Metador. Flexible and dynamic, Luke offers over 9 years of experience and provides an innovative approach to all future designs at Metador.

Konrad Zborowski


With a wealth of experience in account management and administration, Konrad strives to make every customer experience as smooth as possible within the Estimating team.

Konrad’s meticulous attention to detail along with his systematic and efficient approach to work makes him an essential part of the team.

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