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Metador has been solidifying its reputation as a leader within the security door industry for over a decade. Our experience and knowledge means we’re immensely confident in our products and the power they have to withstand the toughest environments.

Here are just three reasons why we believe our doors stand up to the elements and our critics:


To ensure the quality and strength of our doors are not compromised and remain consistently 56% stronger than like-for-like products on the market, we manufacture door leaves using 1.5mm galvanised steel, never Zintec or Galvaneal and we never fluctuate with other lesser grades or thicknesses.

As well as this, we use a mineral wool core, which not only gives excellent thermal efficiency even in the most extreme conditions, but it is also non-combustible, making it fire-resistant.


To reduce the risk of corrosion, our standard door leaf production method is a folded and mechanically fixed construction – never welded.

Every outward opening door also has a 2mm thick stainless steel threshold and secured using M8 bolts, ensuring full-security and stability at all times. These points alone could be the deciding factor for any company looking to purchase steel doors to protect their assets.


Testing is paramount. We understand this more than most. This is why all of our steel security doors are submitted to severe scrutinisation and do not leave our manufacturing facility until they meet and exceed stringent examinations.

But it’s important that we understand the validity and effectiveness of our tests. One in particular test that is widely talked about within our industry, and that we feel we should address, is salt spray testing. We have tested the strength and durability of our doors with an official 1000 hour salt spray test and despite the sample being scored prior to testing, the results were outstanding.

However, despite many claims, industry experts say: “even having performed numerous attempts over the last 50 years to link salt spray testing to reality, the relationship is still relatively weak.” This is primarily down to a number of factors that make it difficult to predict the life cycle of a door just using salt spray testing alone, as other corrosion and environmental conditions play a significant role in the corrosion cycle. Therefore, it should only be used to indicate weak points in your design.

Because we manufacture in house, each and every product is made to extremely high standards, thoroughly checked by hand and quality monitored to specification and industry standards. No matter what, due to our superior manufacturing and powder coating quality, we provide a warranty on our door sets of up to 15 years.

Interested in taking the next step? Browse our range of steel doors and ironmongery here, or contact one of our dedicated team on +44 (0)1642 337119 for a consultation of your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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