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Panic Hardware

Panic hardware provides a safe and quick means of escape when you need it most. There are various levels of security available depending very much on your requirements. We offer high quality panic bolts, panic latches, touch bar exit devices and double door set devices from top global brands.

Some of these brands include Exidor, Briton, Assa, Securefast Tate Colson, Mico Tindall and Surelock McGill. 



Vision Panels

Vision panels are fitted into a range of doors for four main reasons: building regulations, safety, lighting and appearance.

There are many types of glass and glazing available depending on the type of protection you require, such as fire, security, safety, thermal properties or acoustic.

We provide square, rectangular and circular vision panels in many sizes, tailored to meet the exact needs and requirements of your property.



Louvres provide air ventilation for wash rooms, bin stores, sports halls, food storage, warehouses and kitchens.

They are also used for utilities buildings to prevent overheating of equipment or ventilation where gas build-up is an issue. They help ventilate buildings while still providing privacy and security.

Our louvre panels are available with insect and bird mesh, fire rating and high security. Also available as independent wall panels.



The most commonly used lock case in steel doors is the DIN standard lock which is activated by a euro profile cylinder. We also fit multipoint locks, digital locks, electro-magnetic locks, electric latches and high security locking devices.



The cylinder is the most important element in securing a door. Our cylinders range from standard options to high security anti-bump, anti-drill, and anti-pick options. A key isn’t the only way to operate a lock. We also provide locks with either turn or half-turn interfaces, digital and electronic entry systems.



We supply standard or heavy-duty lever, pull or knob handles which all have different functions and usages.


Door Closers

Door closers ensure your door is closed after being opened, but also controls the speed of the door both in the opening and closing cycle. This has its obvious security benefits, as well as convenience and safety advantages. Depending on the size and weight of your door will impact on which closer is best for you.


Push/Kick Plates

For use in both commercial and public buildings, push and kick plates provide protection against damage to door surfaces from usage. These plates are available in stainless steel and aluminium and are manufactured to exact sizes to suit your application.



Escutcheons are a protective plate that surrounds and protects a cylinder lock. Available in aluminium or stainless steel depending on the security level required.



We offer a range of additional ironmongery in order to deliver the perfect doorset solution for you. From door stays and mailboxes, to door viewers and electric strikes, we deliver your door with ironmongery to suit your exact needs and requirements.

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