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Keeping your property secure is an essential element of any business and one way to help prevent illegal entry is through introducing layers to your security system. Adding layers to a security system ensures each component is as secure as possible and the whole system works to deter criminals.

A door is often the first line of defence in a building against an unwanted intruder. We take a look at 6 ways that you can ensure your security door is as secure as possible.

There are many different options for materials that could be used on a security door, however steel gives many benefits and is often the material of choice. To create a stronger, durable, longer lasting security door that gives you peace of mind, we use 1.5mm steel as standard for the door leaf and 2mm steel in our standard frames.

An obvious part of a security system, the lock is the first barrier for most aiming to gain entry to a property. In order to deter criminals, we can recommend a wide range of high security options such as multipoint locking or a combination of individual locks with high security PAS24 or LPS1175 tested cylinders and hardware.

Introducing a solid core can also make a steel door even stronger. We can manufacture your doorset with a solid timber core to help provide added security from equipment such as battering rams, axes and drills and makes the door significantly sturdier.

Due to their accessibility, hinges can often be vulnerable to attack. One way to increase the security of your door hinge is to use dog bolts. Dog bolts are a security feature that are attached to the hinge side of the leaf, they slot into pre-drilled holes within the frame and will act as a holding mechanism in the event of an attack preventing entry.

Access systems
An access system prevents anyone who isn’t authorized from entering a building. These keyless locking systems are available with smart access, digital access or keypads and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Ensuring you use an accredited access systems provides peace of mind and assurance in the effectiveness of the product.

Third Party Certification
A great way to make sure your door is as secure as possible is to use third party certified products such as locks and hinges. Third party certification of products gives reassurance to those installing and using the product by demonstrating it has been designed to the minimum standards and passed any necessary tests in order to gain certification.

Considering all of these factors when choosing a steel security door will help maximize the security of your premises. With over 18 years of experience in the security door industry paired with our extensive technical knowledge, we couldn’t be in a better position to help you achieve your security needs.

Contact us today for more information and to see how we can help.

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