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Internal Fire Doors with Superior Fire Resistance

Fire safety is a legal requirement for all commercial properties, whether industrial environments, local authority buildings, leisure, hospitality, healthcare, education or retail offices.

Our fire rated steel doors provide high levels of safety and reassurance for both external and internal use. Their main purpose is ultimately to save lives. Internal fire doors achieve this by slowing the spread of the blaze and smoke, buying the critical time needed to effectively evacuate premises.

Defender Fireshield internal steel fire door

Steel Fire Doors vs FD30 & FD60 Fire Resistant Doors

Whereas timber fire doors usually only come under two categories, FD30 and FD60, offering 30 minutes and one hour of fire protection respectively, our bespoke steel Defender Fireshield is proven to stand up to four hours of 1100°C heat. That's the Metador standard.

The Defender Fireshield is tested to BS EN 1634, ensuring the doorset provides both stability and integrity while holding back flame spread. It is also CE marked, providing confidence that our doorset meets the relevant European safety and environmental requirements. For internal doors with unrivalled fireproofing, choose Metador

Defender Fireshield Plus - External Fire Rated Doors

The Defender Fireshield Plus is our external doorset, that meets the latest requirements for external fire rated doorsets to be CE Marked to EN 16034 in conjunction with BS EN 14351-1. Whether you're interested in fire rated front doors, rear access or utility access routes, the Fireshield Plus is the perfect choice when you need commercial fire doors with superior performance. Defender Fireshield Plus External steel fire door Take a closer look at the Defender Fireshield and watch it being put to the test.

Single & Double Metal Fire Doors and Frames

Double fire doors are a great solution for wider corridors and spaces where a lot of people are likely to pass through regularly or in case of emergency. The Code of Practice for Fire Door Assemblies (BS 8214:2008) specifies that fire rated door sets must provide a similar level of fire resistance as the surrounding walls and floors, with the same criteria followed for testing purposes. This includes the spaces between the double doors themselves and the frame. For a perfect fit, consider using our Approved Metador Installers scheme.

External Fire Doors or Emergency Exit Doors?

Internal fire doors in most circumstances are considered more important than external ones, as their purpose is to divide the building up into separate compartments within which the flames can be contained. This slows down the spread of the fire and gives more time for firefighters to arrive. External fire doors are found at the end of escape routes and as such, their use depends on the nature of the building and the surrounding space. Emergency exit doors are suitable for quick evacuation purposes and are typically fitted with push bars. External fire doors are less about evacuation, but can be used to protect surrounding equipment, prevent the flames spreading to nearby buildings and can be installed to ensure the safety of pedestrians, if the building is on a busy street.

Fire Door Requirements for Domestic & Commercial Properties

Residential Buildings

With domestic properties, the main concern is ensuring that garages are separated from the rest of the building with fire doors. However in instances where the building has a dual purpose; with a living area connected to a business it is vital that a fire door is fitted, appropriate to the level of fire-risk involved.

Commercial Fire Door Regulations

With stairwells used for fire escape purposes, each floor in the building must be separated from this vertical evacuation route, to ensure the safety of employees or the public as they descend from their original floor down to the exit below. This also safeguards emergency service workers who may have particular floors which they need to visit to either fight the fire or find evacuees. When assessing both horizontal and vertical evacuation, the primary concern is usually based on the safety and speed by which occupants can flee the danger of the inferno. Horizontal routes must also be lined with appropriate fire doors. The Defender Fireshield and Fireshield Plus are an industry leading option for fire doors where performance, durability and reliability are key.  

Metal Fire Doors for sale

Available in the following doorsets;

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