Behind every great product is not only innovation and excellent quality materials but also excellent manufacturing and assembly. In order to ensure that we achieve excellence in all our activities we have implemented a formal Quality Management System, which ensures that:

  • Our customers’ needs are fully understood
  • Appropriate resources are provided in terms of facilities and relevant skills to fulfil customers’ needs
  • Quality objectives are set consistent with the overall policies of the company
  • The company is committed to a process of continual quality improvement
  • Progress towards the quality objectives are monitored
  • The Quality Management System, is regularly reviewed to take account of changing circumstances and customer requirements

Of course, we understand these words might offer only a little insight into the attention we give to every order, so we would love to extend to you the invitation to come and visit us and find out what we are all about. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a time to suit you.

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