Modular buildings have recently experienced an increase in demand due to a rise in construction activity in the UK. Statistically, modular building projects are between 30-50% quicker than traditional construction methods, owing to the fact that the prefabricated module sections are constructed offsite. Therefore, modular buildings are seen as an advantageous, flexible and cost effective solution for a variety of businesses.

Modular buildings do have their constraints, especially surrounding their durability and security levels. Metador have recognised these limitations and henceforth recently produced the ModuleX security doorset. Competitively priced and fast-fitting, our ModuleX steel doorset is specially designed and tailored to the needs of a modular building.

The ModuleX features an in-built cloaking frame and a 68mm post width, making it more suitable for smaller wall thicknesses. In addition, the neat yet rigid flange frame design seals the frame to the building concealing any panel cut outs; whilst the special threshold design helps eradicate the risk of water ingress.

Manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel and internal steel strengthening as standard; the ModuleX is 56% stronger than most other security doors for modular buildings on the market. Also, the mineral wool core makes it 33% more thermal efficient than cardboard honeycomb infill versions.

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Available in the following doorsets;

Bespoke Steel

Doorset Solution

Defender ModuleX

Our brand new bespoke doorset, providing a strong and secure solution for all modular buildings, no matter the environment.

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